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Release Notes

What's new, recently fixed, and under development.

That which is live.

2 days ago
9 days ago
9 days ago
9 days ago
10 days ago
  • Added ability to revert a cancellation request.
  • Now showing badge and tooltip on manage maps page for maps over lifetime view limit, and maps over points per map limit.
  • Now including deleted maps in free plan total map count.
10 days ago
  • Candidate fix for previous issue when Google Sheets API ListFeed would not return a cell when it was empty, and we treated such as an error as opposed to setting to empty string.
11 days ago
  • Upped the premium renewal allowance from 2 hours to 4 hours.
12 days ago
  • Added 3 new icon sets (kittens, new colored google map markers, a new GIS special set of SVGs in lieu of fontawesome, which was used prior, but didn't display right on maps, bc black w/o stroke).
18 days ago
  • Security: New maps will be referenced by map guid. Legacy maps still have map id support. Old links to map ids should still work on share, and view pages. KMZ no longer supports map ids.
  • Security: Enforcement of TLS 1.2
  • Rebuilt maps view page in newer tech.
  • Added share map button to manage page
21 days ago
  • Users can now view recent sync history on the manage maps page
  • Privacy: New maps are private by default.
23 days ago
  • Cleaned up/lightly refactored save map step to be consistent w/ configure map controls.
24 days ago
  • On manage maps now have the crude ability to see field asignments - will assist with debugging.
24 days ago
  • Added all the options short of re-assigning fields. For the moment, map center can only be set on manage maps page.
26 days ago
  • Added new sets of icons for use in edit map and wizard.
  • Added support for custom user uploaded GIFs and JPEGs
27 days ago
  • Added Ability to clone/duplicate maps (settings, data, et all).
28 days ago
  • Change configuration including type, and icons, and filters for maps. One is now able to do everything short of re-assigning fields.
  • Daily sync now includes all premium account maps (previously was restricted to users having logged in in prior 2 months.)
  • Tweaked the previous map sync statuses that would prevent trying next day (ie if we had lost access to google sheet due to google auth permission changes). Will now try again more often, might/will tweak this again moving forward.
one month ago
  • Download map KMZ from manage map page.
  • Cleaned up acquire geocode page layout.
  • Reverted heat map change per request from user.
  • Added support for multiple billing accounts tied to one mapalist account.
1.2 months ago
  • Map creation geocode step made more layman and also finally added auto-refresh during process.
  • Heat map fixes to load via JS by default if < 40k points. Also changed stlye to make better at higher zoom levels.
1.3 months ago
  • Manage maps page refactored from the ground up. Now has filters. Access/see source google sheet and work sheet. Edit with less clicks. Basic and advanced config visible. Responsive desgin. Infinite scrolling.
  • Custom maps styles (currenty available on the manage maps page): pink, retro, night, aubergine, silver, dark
1.5 months ago
1.7 months ago
1.7 months ago
  • Default card set fix on subscription, on adding of new card.
  • Ability to delete payment methods.
1 months ago
  • Fixed map creation issue.
  • More detail when map sync fails due to source sheet structure changed.
2.1 months ago
  • Map sync status messages are now more consumable.
2.2 months ago
  • Fix for horizontal bar on printed maps.
2.4 months ago
  • Again update your email at will.
2.6 months ago
  • Enabled downloads of invoices on account page.
2.7 months ago
  • Email alerts are sent on thresholds reached for max maps in account (currently 10), and lifetime map vews per map (currently 100).
2.7 months ago
  • Show payment methods and invoices on account page regardless of plan (ie if user has downgraded to free).
2.7 months ago
  • Added a little redundancy to password reset flow.
  • Added 2 hour grace period on payment processing failure.
2.7 months ago
  • Ability to manage usage notification preferences on account page.
  • Usage alerts for 50, 90, 100% of used map views in paid plans.
2.7 months ago
2.8 months ago
  • Notification management on account page in advance of usage notifications.
  • Fix for manage map page.
2.8 months ago
  • Fixed issue w/ default payent methods not being set and thus affecting prompt renewals.
  • Fixed issue with subscription cycle dates.
  • Fixed issue w/ negative prorated credit resulting in charges.
2.8 months ago
  • Self-serve ability to upgrade and downgrade plans.
  • Prorated credit on change of paid plans in effect. (see pricing page for details)
  • Added billing cycle dates, days left in cycle, if cancellation scheduled to account page.
3.1 months ago
  • Map View Counts: For free accounts map view counts are calculated on a calendar month (ie Feb 2019). For paid plans, map view counts are according to billing cycle (ie 2/13/19-3/12/19).
  • Updated account page w/ more plan and usage details.
  • Launched support for higher volume plans and updated pricing. (Ability to downgrade and upgrade on one's own in active development still.)
3.2 months ago
  • We'll now email you the status of your async map sync request
3.3 months ago
  • Map pin limit for paid plans is now 5000 from 2501 previously. Free limit is now 500.
3.3 months ago
  • Most of the site made responsive UX (map creation, account, about, pricing, terms, FAQ, press)
  • Added premium plans to cover increased costs (see blog)
  • Data sync between maps and sheets now queued as asynchronous task from the manage maps page - previously there was an issue with update action timing out.
  • Unicode/UTF8 support: now/finally foreign characters supported! Emoji characters (UTF8MB4) on the roadmap, but requires coordination to prevent site outage.
  • Too many things refactored to list - that is what happened when you have a code base a decade old and you finally get back into it.
  • Upgrade lot of site from ASP.NET Web Forms to MVC 5.
  • Bootstrap 3 -> Bootstrap 4. FontAwesome added.
  • Removed aged nabble help forum.
  • Zendesk domain from ->
  • Help email from ->
  • Gave blog a little face lift.
  • Restyled and added content on usage to the account page
  • Sharing release notes #metamoment

Ambitions and priorities on the horizon

  • refactored map creation wizard
  • updates to maps as you update your sheet
  • searchbox on map for address or pin text
  • embed maps via more secure means
  • enable users to map sync via API
  • ability to set ping size (default, larger, huge)
  • recover a deleted map
  • more frequent map syncs
  • Zero downtime deployments
  • faster and redundant geocoding
  • moving map sync to AWS lambda and thus more instatenous and scalable syncing
  • emoji character support
  • maps ids -> map guids
Shoot us an email if you need something and don't see it here.