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Release Notes

What's new, recently fixed, and under development.

That which is live.

4 days ago
  • Map creation geocode step made more layman and also finally added auto-refresh during process.
  • Heat map fixes to load via JS by default if < 40k points. Also changed stlye to make better at higher zoom levels.
5 days ago
  • Manage maps page refactored from the ground up. Now has filters. Access/see source google sheet and work sheet. Edit with less clicks. Basic and advanced config visible. Responsive desgin. Infinite scrolling.
  • Custom maps styles (currenty available on the manage maps page): pink, retro, night, aubergine, silver, dark
13 days ago
17 days ago
18 days ago
  • Default card set fix on subscription, on adding of new card.
  • Ability to delete payment methods.
26 days ago
  • Fixed map creation issue.
  • More detail when map sync fails due to source sheet structure changed.
29 days ago
  • Map sync status messages are now more consumable.
1.1 months ago
  • Fix for horizontal bar on printed maps.
1.3 months ago
  • Again update your email at will.
1.5 months ago
  • Enabled downloads of invoices on account page.
1.6 months ago
  • Email alerts are sent on thresholds reached for max maps in account (currently 10), and lifetime map vews per map (currently 100).
1.6 months ago
  • Show payment methods and invoices on account page regardless of plan (ie if user has downgraded to free).
1.6 months ago
  • Added a little redundancy to password reset flow.
  • Added 2 hour grace period on payment processing failure.
1.6 months ago
  • Ability to manage usage notification preferences on account page.
  • Usage alerts for 50, 90, 100% of used map views in paid plans.
1.7 months ago
1.7 months ago
  • Notification management on account page in advance of usage notifications.
  • Fix for manage map page.
1.7 months ago
  • Fixed issue w/ default payent methods not being set and thus affecting prompt renewals.
  • Fixed issue with subscription cycle dates.
  • Fixed issue w/ negative prorated credit resulting in charges.
1.8 months ago
  • Self-serve ability to upgrade and downgrade plans.
  • Prorated credit on change of paid plans in effect. (see pricing page for details)
  • Added billing cycle dates, days left in cycle, if cancellation scheduled to account page.
2 months ago
  • Map View Counts: For free accounts map view counts are calculated on a calendar month (ie Feb 2019). For paid plans, map view counts are according to billing cycle (ie 2/13/19-3/12/19).
  • Updated account page w/ more plan and usage details.
  • Launched support for higher volume plans and updated pricing. (Ability to downgrade and upgrade on one's own in active development still.)
2.2 months ago
  • We'll now email you the status of your async map sync request
2.2 months ago
  • Map pin limit for paid plans is now 5000 from 2501 previously. Free limit is now 500.
2.2 months ago
  • Most of the site made responsive UX (map creation, account, about, pricing, terms, FAQ, press)
  • Added premium plans to cover increased costs (see blog)
  • Data sync between maps and sheets now queued as asynchronous task from the manage maps page - previously there was an issue with update action timing out.
  • Unicode/UTF8 support: now/finally foreign characters supported! Emoji characters (UTF8MB4) on the roadmap, but requires coordination to prevent site outage.
  • Too many things refactored to list - that is what happened when you have a code base a decade old and you finally get back into it.
  • Upgrade lot of site from ASP.NET Web Forms to MVC 5.
  • Bootstrap 3 -> Bootstrap 4. FontAwesome added.
  • Removed aged nabble help forum.
  • Zendesk domain from ->
  • Help email from ->
  • Gave blog a little face lift.
  • Restyled and added content on usage to the account page
  • Sharing release notes #metamoment

Ambitions and priorities on the horizon

  • ability to fully edit maps
  • refactored map creation wizard
  • updates to maps as you update your sheet
  • searchbox on map for address or pin text
  • embed maps via more secure means
  • enable users to map sync via API
  • Zero downtime deployments
  • faster and redundant geocoding
  • moving map sync to AWS lambda and thus more instatenous and scalable syncing
  • emoji character support
  • maps ids -> map guids
Shoot us an email if you need something and don't see it here.