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6/13/09 Google Maps Mainia Blog "mapalist has also released three cool iPhone applications to let you know how safe you are at all times based on your current location within either Washington DC, Atlanta or Sacramento."
3/23/09 CNET "If you store street addresses in a spreadsheet, you can now plot those addresses on Google Maps in just seconds, with no programming required."
1/9//09 MapaList - very, very cool site! "very simple way of visualising information"
1/09 Info Exame #2 on their mapping sites list!
12/17/08 Create a Map from Any List: "every once in awhile, a new service pops up that does something pretty innovative with Google Maps...Pretty cool."
12/17/08 AbavaNet Technical Corner (in Russian)
12/16/08 Google Maps Mania A Great New Google Maps Creation Tool
12/5/08 24 tools to add content and grow traffic to your web site: "We all understand the value of maps and map mash-ups. That doesn’t mean we all have the skills to create them. Fortunately there are some tools that help."
10/28/08 "C'est simple et rapide en plus d'offrir assez d'options en cours de route pour personaliser l'application cartographique Google Maps qui en ressort."
10/27/08 "This is one of the neater online mapping applications I’ve seen in a while"
10/13/08 "take a list of addresses from a Google Docs spreadsheet and turn it into markers in Google Maps"
10/15/08 The San Diego Home Blog There she goes making maps again: "It is a handy little visual when we find the need to convince someone we aren’t just on our way back from the licensing exam"
  Hindustan Times (India)  
9/16/08 TheViewFrom32 More map magic: "To create [a] map using my new best friend, you simply tell it the Google Sheet you want to use, fill in a few details about how you want the map set up, and click "Continue." In a few seconds you have a map"
9/7/08 Search Marketing Insights by Dev Basu  
8/28/08   The latest in mashup technology lets users create a map from a Google Sheet. And, like the best things in life, the service is free.
8/26/08 Emerging Technologies Librarian  
8/26/08 EdTech  "You could use Map a list to build a map of the best restaurants in a city or in my case all the Starbucks in Texas.  What ever you decide to map the step-by-step wizard makes it a breeze."
8/24/08 Orlando Sentinel
Chicago Tribune
Baltimore Sun
Erie Times News
Arizona Daily Star
Buffalo News
Hartford Courant
How 2 ... Plot addresses on Google map
8/19/08 ziipa  
8/18/08  "mapalist is a handy little site that quickly links Google Sheets to Google maps."
8/15/08   "create an interactive map of constituents...You don't need to be super-techy to set this up."
8/14/08 Good Morning Silicon Valley (GMSV)   "mapalist, which lets you turn an address list into a Google map"
8/14/08   "mapalist to the Rescue!...It’s SO Easy"
8/14/08   "the combination of its easy grabbing from GDocs and its step-by-step creation wizard make plotting out the best pizza joints in town, the wedding party members who haven't RSVP'd, or any other data seriously simple...A cool tool for those of us without the skills to directly patch into Google Maps. "
8/13/08 "MapaList is web service for mapping address lists onto Google Maps. Using MapaList you can pull an address list (spreadsheet) from your Google Docs account,map it on top of Google maps, and then share it with others."