Choose Your Plan

We used to be totally free, but then our map provider changed their policy and started charging heavily for map usage. In order to continue to provide services we had to limit usage and/or allow options for users to pay to at least cover our costs. The new plans are detailed below.


$0 / mo

  • 10 maps
  • 100 free lifetime map views
    per map
  • 500 pin limit
    per map
  • free banner on embedded maps
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$19 / mo

  • Unlimited maps
  • 2000 monthly map views
    across all maps in account
  • 5,000 pin limit
    per map
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$9 / mo
per thousand map views

  • Unlimited maps
  • X monthly map views
    across all maps in account
  • 20,000 pin limit
    per map
  • Min. 3000 map views

If you are a no map banner for life club member, or have donated for a pin limit increase, fret not, all that stands. On a change of plan to another paid plan, we apply a prorated refund for the previous plan based on percentage of that plan's used map views, or days in month that have passed in cycle, whichever is higher. On a change of plan to a free plan, you maintain full rights to the previous plan until the end of your billing cycle - no refund is issued. Unless a downgrade or cancellation request has been made prior, all plans auto-renew on the first day of the subscription cycle. On a failure to renew, you will be moved into a free plan. Plan payments are deducted at the beginning of a cycle. All transaction are subject to a 6% Washington, DC sales tax. If you have questions, just ask. Party on.