Hey - I thought mapalist was free. What’s the deal?
We used to be totally free, but then our map provider changed their policy and started charging heavily for map usage. In order to continue to provide services, we had to limit usage and/or allow options for users to pay to at least cover our costs. There’s still a free tier, and details with regard to paid plans can be found on the pricing page.
What do I get with the free plan?
Without paying us a penny, you can create up to 10 maps. Each of those maps can contain up to 500 pins and can be viewed up to 100 times.
What counts as a map view?
Any time you load a page that contains your map, it counts as a map view. That could be through mapalist or on a website where you’ve embedded the map. Details around map views that have occured per map can be found in the Usage section on the plan page.
How many map views do I have for each of my maps, and where are they coming from?
Feel free to dig into usage detail, by map (there is a link on the manage page for each map), and see detailed access logs from the plan page.
Can mapalist let me know when I’m getting close to my map view limit?
We sure can, and we will unless you tell us not to here.
You all update mapalist every month with new features...right? How do I keep up with what’s new?
Updates are posted to our blog on a regular basis. Give it a look. You can see the release notes at will. And if you have notification settings set to enable product updates, we’ll email you at most once a month.
I’d like to change the credit card used for billing - what’s the best way to do that?
Please don’t send us any credit card info via e-mail. Rather, visit the billing page and add a new payment method.
I’d like to see what I’ve been charged and get a copy of my invoice(s). Where can I find this information.
All of this info can be found on the billing page.
Can I simply delete my map(s) and then create them again to get around the map limits associated with the free plan?
Negative Ghostrider. We keep track of that stuff behind the scenes.
How do I format my Google Sheet to make it work with mapalist?
Our best advice is to keep it simple. Make sure you have a header row and each column has a header value. Ideally, it looks something like this.
I’d like to create my own icon(s) to use on my map. Is that a possibility?
It sure is! Log in and head over to the custom map settings page to make it happen.
I want to change my plan...either upgrade or downgrade. What’s the best way to do that?
Easy! Just visit the plan page and click on Change my plan.
I am viewing a map outside of mapalist and getting this error: 'Map Not Found'. Why?
The map might not be set as public, shoot a note to the creator of the map (not us) and ask them to make it public on the manage maps page.
Is my map data secure?
The data points for maps are stored securely in our database, and the mapalist site is served over 2048 TLS encryption for all content. The points for a map are only retrieved from the database to show that map when requested by the authenticated user who created the map, unless the map is set to public. If the map is set to public, any users who have the link to your map can see it, and can look at the HTML source behind the map. This allows them to see the points that are plotted, as they are currently written as JavaScript to the file.
I’d like to revoke mapalist’s access to my spreadsheets and delete my account. How do to do so?
Log in and visit the privacy tab on the account page. Click on the link to delete your account - it’s that simple.
How can I change the e-mail address or password associated with my account?
Head on over to the details & security page; that’s where you can make it happen.
Is it possible to include hyperlinks in my map?
Yes. You can include any HTML tags (including hyperlinks) in your map pop-ups.

First you need to alter your spreadsheet data to have hyperlink tags as a column and then you need to assign that to the "Additional Info" field in the "assign fields" step.

For example:
<a target='_new' href='http://www.cnn.com/' target='_blank'>http://www.cnn.com/'>News</a>

See this spreadsheet for an example: Embed Images and Links

Additionally, you can use a function in the Google Sheet to create an automatic column for you without having to manually add HTML hyperlinks tags.

For example, add this to a new column:
=CONCATENATE("<a target='_new' href='", B5, "'>", B5, "</a>")

Where B5 is the column where your URL resides.
Is there a way to make the map begin zoomed in on my area?
Yup! When you create your map, enter the address you’d like as the center of your map and the default zoom level you’d like to use. You can always update this information by viewing your map, clicking on the Manage page, and then editing from there.
Can I print (or export as a graphic) the maps created?
Click the print icon below a map (or just print the browser via normal means. You can also take a screenshot and paste it into Powerpoint, Google Slides, or any other application for that matter and print from there.

Pro-tip: Make map full-screen and then resize your browser to alter print size.
I created my map and now I want to make some changes. What’s the best way to make that happen?
All except field mappings can be edited post creation using the edit maps button which can be found on the manage maps page.
Is mapalist GDPR compliant?
We are in fact GDPR compliant. If you have any questions or concerns along these lines, feel free to reach out and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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