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How do I format my Google Sheet?

See the examples here

I am viewing a map outside of mapalist and getting this error: 'You do not have permission to view this map.' Why?

The map might not be set as public, ask the creator of this map to make it public, on the manage maps page.

Is my map data secure?

The data points for maps are stored in a securely in our database. The points for a map are only retrieved from the database to show that map when requested by the authenticated user who created the map, unless the map is set to public.

If the map is set to public, any users who have the link to your map can see it, and can look at the HTML source behind the map and see the points that are plotted, as they are currently written as JavaScript to the file.

I'd like to revoke mapalist's access to my spreadsheets; how to do so?

You can do it from the Account page, by clicking "Unlink Google Documents Account(s)"...

...or do it directly from Google at:

Though, if you are using Gsuite, you must use:

Is it possible to include hyperlinks in the map?

You can include any HTML tags (including hyperlinks) in your map pop-ups. 

First you need to alter your spreadsheet data to have hyperlink tags as a column and then you need to assign that to the " Additional Info" field in the "assign fields" step.

For example:
<a target='_new' href='a href='' target='_blank'>'>News</a>

See this spreadsheet for an example:  Embed Images and Links

The resulting map could look like this:

Additionally, you can use a function in the Google Sheet to create an automatic column for you without having to manually add HTML hyperlinks tags. 

For example, add this to a new column:
=CONCATENATE("<a target='_new'  href='", B5, "'>",  B5, "</a>")

Where B5 is the column where your URL resides.

(UPDATE: eventually will have auto-url detection for this)

When I click on any of the pins all I get is the name of the city. Is there some way to show all the information, ie. name, address, city, st, zip & phone?

Create a new map (or just step back on the one you have open) and in step 2, "Assign Fields", assign anything to "Title" and/or "Additional Info". 

Is there a way to make the map begin zoomed in on my area?

In the 'Save Map' step of the create map process, and on the 'Manage Maps' page, there is the option to change your 'Default Zoom Level', which starts at 3, centered on one of your points chosen at random.

Can you print (or export as a graphic) the maps created?

See the print icon below a map (or just print the browser via normal means).
Pro-tip: Make map full-screen and then resize browser to alter print size.

How do I go back and change some of the settings?

All except field mappings can be edited post creation using the edit maps button which can be found on the manage maps page

Is there a way to get more than two variables from my Google Sheet to show up in the pin balloon? I see how user can select any field of the spreadsheet to display as either 'Title' or 'Additional info'....but what If I have text from other fields in the same spreadsheet that I want to pop up in the balloon once a user hovers or clicks on the pin?

There is a trick you need to apply to your Google Sheet to accomplish this:

Create a CONCATENATE field in your spreadsheet, i.e.

=CONCATENATE(B2, '<br/>',D2, '<br />', F2)

See the 'ConcatenatedField' in the 'Band Event Dates' worksheet for an example at

Sample Google Sheet

I am trying place all accounts by sales person on one map with different push pins for each rep (6). Is there a way to do this?

Yes, there are a couple ways to do this:

1) Group By Column

a) On the 'Configure Map' step, choose 'Settings Type: Basic'
b) Select 'Group by distinct column Values' from the drop down
c) Choose the column holding the name of the sales person.

2) Custom criteria and Pin Images

a) On the 'Configure Map' step, choose 'Settings Type: Advanced'
b) Setting your own criteria and choose the images you want for each

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